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How to store shoes: 7 ways

The issue of shoe storage is always relevant: for both shopaholics “centipedes” and for ascetics who are tied to one favorite pair. Since we live in Russia, we need somewhere to keep shoes that we wear daily, and somewhere to keep “leg wear” for another season, which we have to get every six months. From the proper care and careful storage, the life of your favorite chereviches is curled.

The classic way - obuvnitsa. The structure of such a locker has already been thought out in advance so as to maintain order and help the owner quickly find the right shoes, sandals and shoes, without rummaging through the boxes. Pros: shoes are not covered with dust, saved from pets and always within reach. When planning a purchase, you need to calculate how many pairs of shoes you will store in it.

The boxes. Who does not know the situation when with the arrival of winter it is necessary to sort out a dozen boxes and find the right pair of cherished boots? To make it easier to navigate the strategic reserves, designers and simply resourceful pedants suggest signing boxes (the easiest option), glue on them a photo of shoes that lie there, or buy the same transparent cells.

Boxes with cells. If the space of the apartment is limited, you should use any available space for storage. I hide my sandals in large transparent boxes under the bed. At one time they were separated by cardboard partitions so that no pair would interfere with each other, then the cardboard broke, and I was too lazy to recreate this idyll again. In search of some shoes it is very convenient to push stocks out from under the bed, and, seeing the whole “assortment”, pick up shoes for the dress. In order to make beautiful shots, I naturally neatly exposed them. In life, this kind of store keeps at best a couple of days.

Women's shoe treasures can be stored by hanging on the railing by the heel. This method saves space, and under it you can adjust one of the doors.

In conditions of total shortage of space, organizers for shoes of all shapes and colors save: suspended, floor-mounted, with special nozzles. With such constructions, only one thing should be taken into account: you should not put dirty shoes on them.

Cabinets built into the staircase can be made at the planning stage of a country house. As soon as the designers didn’t adapt the ladder: both for the library and for the storage, JK Rowling settled Harry Potter in the first part. The idea is unusual, but if you have enough determination to implement it, then you will always have secret boxes for shoes and other household needs.

Cabinets to order in the dressing room. Oh, what a perfect option! If space and a shoe collection allow, you can select a shelf (or several) in which your favorite sandals will stand like on a shop window. It is better to make the shelves closed so that the dust does not accumulate there in the form of a tumbleweed. It is also worth considering that winter shoes are hardly suitable for such storage, as well as the fact that each pair should be carefully cleaned after wearing, before putting it on an honorable exhibition place.

If there is no dressing room, and you want to keep shoes, like at an exhibition, you can install a sideboard or a rack in the bedroom (maybe even a bookcase is suitable), which can be covered with a curtain on occasion.

There is a funny quote: “I know how much women need pairs of shoes for happiness - one more than they have.” So let you have as many shoes as you want, and the best way to store will certainly be.