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8 simple and light dresses with patterns

New clothes are always good. Especially if you do it yourself. Today we bring to your attention 8 simple and light dresses with the hands with patterns. Many of these dresses are suitable for going to the office, and for walking in warm weather and for going to a dinner party. Fabrics are used mainly light.
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Non-standard use of zig-zag tape ...

Volumetric tape gives the product an elegant look. This method can be used, for example, to trim the edges of a jacket, decorate the collar and cuffs on the blouse, as well as on the pants, to emphasize the side seams. Before sewing the braid, put it on, keeping the iron at a distance. If the band is washable and it is designed for a cloth that can also be washed, soak it in hot water for 10 minutes with the same purpose.
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Learning to darn jeans on a sewing machine

How often do you have to refuse to wear quite “decent”, and most importantly, comfortable and beautiful jeans because of the small hole on the knee, not to mention the scuff on the jeans between the legs. Is it possible to sew up a hole on jeans without turning in a studio, so that the hole is almost imperceptible? You can, if you use a sewing machine.
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Dream Vacancy: Holiday Director

Tourist online service OneTwoTrip is looking for a holiday director who will show by example how to relax, share travel experiences, life hacking and tips. Photo: Pixabay According to Marina Malashenko, head of HR at OneTwoTrip, the company needs an expert who can show you how to relax and travel "with quality and taste."
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28 photos that will intrigue you

Most likely, you have not seen them before. In addition to the general impression, you also learn a lot of jokes in just two minutes. As they say, the picture is worth a thousand words. And each of these pictures will prove it to you. Lava lake of Erta Ale volcano in Ethiopia. The place where the Great Wall of China ends. Just a geyser before the eruption. Monument to unborn children in Riga.
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Origami lampshade for eco-design lovers

Paper as a material For the creation of interior items is rarely considered. Most often it is used for the manufacture of wallpaper. The remaining pieces of paper seem temporary, and somewhat naive. But in Japanese culture, paper is an important design element. Due to the constant earthquakes on the islands in the country, a special concept of light and dynamic construction was formed.
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